2016 Husker Football in Review

Let’s not talk about that Iowa game.



9-3 ain’t bad. But it did get Bo Pelini fired. And Frank Solich.

But this 9-3 feels different, doesn’t it?

We won every game we were supposed to; Which hasn’t happened in what feels like forever.

However, we still laid eggs against Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio State…all in prime-time might I add.

Before I can say that Nebraska football is back, we need to be more competitive in those marquee games.

We are just in year two of Coach Riley’s tenure, and we haven’t really seen a majority of the players he recruited. But when that happens, I do think we will see an improvement in all areas of the game.

We did see this weekend that Riley is all about winning. Riley fired Special Teams Coach Bruce Read after a dismal showing by his position.

Next to last in net punting.

Terribly low in punt returns.

His only card in the game was a bulls-eye Drew Brown.

And obviously that wasn’t enough.

We were a missed pass interference call away from being in the Big Ten title game.


Rest easy Husker fans, we’re almost there.


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